About Us

Edgett Social Dance is owned and operated by Jane Edgett. We are a studio that teaches Social, Ballroom and Latin dance, where dancers can learn from some of the leading choreographers in Nova Scotia. We cater for all ages and all levels of dance. Edgett Social Dance is where you can learn, rehearse, create, collaborate and grow. We are experienced, so you don't have to be!

It is a fun and friendly environment. The most important goal is for each dancer to use dance as a way to follow their dreams from dancing for fun to dancing on the world stage. 

Every week we are reminded, for one reason or another, that Nova Scotia has an aging population.  Keeping healthy and active are very important during this stage of life.  When we are young and agile, being physically active is easy and there are many activities to choose from.  As our bodies become less able to take on the physically demanding activity of youth, we must turn to alternate ways of staying active. 

Social Dance is one of the activities recommended for both healthy seniors and seniors who have acquired health issues.  This style of dance provides a mild stretch of the body, posture awareness, socialization, mental stimulus and music.  Whether you have or have not been exposed to social dance, you should look into our program.  We have levels for the newbie!  This is an introduction to some of the common dance rhythms.  If you have danced prior to this and want to regain some of your skill or just participate to stay active, we have programs for you. Are you someone who thinks that social dance is an activity for the talented or gifted? You couldn’t be more wrong.  If you are able to enter the studio, then you are able to learn some basic skills. Whether it be for fun, fitness, a wedding , a corporate event, a youth program, we are here to help. Contact us.  We can tell you how it works.


The first Edgett studio was established in Moncton, N. B. in the 1960s by Evelyn Edgett. Her family of five daughters spent their after school hours at the studio. Evelyn's connection with the Buchta School of Dance in Halifax along with opportunity, landed her two eldest, Jane and Judy, on CBC TV's Don Messer's Jubilee as part of the dance troupe. This meant doing a weekly show and travelling across Canada doing live shows. The show was filmed out of Halifax and so after Jane and Judy established residence here, the family joined them one by one.

Continuing their lives in dance, Evelyn, Mrs. E as she was known to students, organized lunchtime dance classes in the public schools inspiring hundreds of youngsters at the Elementary level. The offspring of some of these youngsters are students of our studio today. Sister Kathryn focused on highland,tap and jazz, today teaching Luigi Technique in her Jazz Dance Centre. Sisters Georgia Lee and Christie gave up competitive ballroom dancing in favour of raising families.