• Posted on: 14 January 2015
  • By: Brent

This article is from the December 2014, "Good Times" magazine:
Tripping the light fantastic may help reduce the need for arthritis pain medication in those with the condition, a recent study hints. Thirty-four people (average age : 80) with stiffness in the knees or hips were randomly divided into two groups: 19 subjects attended 45- minute dance therapy sessions up to twice a week, while the others were placed on a waiting list. (Called "Healthy-Steps,"the classes involved slow, rhythmic movements that can be performed sitting or standing.) After 12 weeks, the dancing group reported using 39% less pain medication than they had been using at the start of the study, while the non-dancing group reported using 21% more. In addition, average walking speed increased among the dancing group. That's significant because slow gait is liked with an increased risk for falls and loss of independence. SOURCE: Geriatric Nursing