Question & Answers

Q: What should I wear?
A: For footwear, a non-sticky sole, not too heavy, no sling backs for the lady, be comfortable.  For clothing wear what is comfortable and cool but bring a sweater.

Q: Where can I purchase dance shoes?

Q: Where do I start if I have never danced?
A: Introductory, we start at the beginning!

Q: Do I need a partner?
A: No. We usually have other singles and some of our faithful helpers from other classes.

Q; I have danced before but don’t know which level to register in?
A: You have 2 options, call us and we will suggest a level to try, then the instructor will make a suggestion, or book a private lesson and we will tell you which class to join.

Q: Do you have practice sessions on a regular basis?
A: They are monthly, please check under "schedule" for the practice nights.