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Edgett Dance & Wellness programming teaches closed and American styles of ballroom and Latin dance. It is developmentally based, and we have a level perfect for you! In consultation with our staff, we will find the best fit. We offer training in social dance as well as competitive dance. Technique classes improve your dance styling, working on footwork, arm action, turns, musicality and more. We also offer opportunities to get fit with dance. See our speciality classes.

Students Guide.


Beginners’ IntroDUCTION

This is a 12-week introduction to four dances you will use wherever dancing is on the menu. We recommend taking two sessions of this course so that you have an understanding of the main dances you can use on the social dance form. The Fall session includes: Jive, Slow Rhythm, Cha Cha and Country Waltz. Winter includes: Rumba, Salsa, Waltz and Tango.

For dance descriptions follow this link.

Registration Fee: $225 includes HST – can be paid in monthly instalments of $75/month

Our next session starts Wednesday April 1, 2022 at 7:00pm.

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Beginners’ Foundation

Building on Beginners’ Introduction, you will continue to develop leading and following skills adding new rhythms and new moves to the dances introduced in the Introduction class. If you want to shine on the dance floor, this class will lead you to success!

Two terms of Beginners’ Introduction must be completed before advancing to the Foundation class. 

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Pre-Bronze 1

Now that you are addicted to social dancing and have managed to become a little comfortable leading and following various dances and moves, this level adds some new rhythms. 

Pre-Bronze 2

Over the course of the dance season you will continue to work on your dance skills learning more complex steps, improving your dance styling and gaining confidence in your ability to shine on the dance floor.

Dancers with experience

Each level builds on the previous. In addition to those outlined above, we offer: Bronze 1 & 2, Silver 1 & 2 and Gold. All levels are based on ISTD with some American steps included.  As a dancer with experience, an evaluation class with one of our staff will help determine the appropriate level for you. 

Bronze Student Evaluation Course

This course prepares a student who is interested in having a formal evaluation of their dancing at a Bronze level in the Latin American dances, Cha Cha, Rumba, Samba and Jive. The Student Evaluation program is conducted by the Canadian Dancesport Federation, Canada’s National Ballroom and Latin Professional Dance Teachers’ organization.

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