In Fall 2020, we introduced DanceABLE, a creative dance class for people living with limited movement or progressive diseases. A new class will be starting on Tuesday September 7, 2021 at 5pm or Wednesday September 8 at 11:30am. All movement is adapted so that dancers can dance from a chair, wheelchair or standing: it is not necessary to be fully mobile. Participants are asked to wear indoor shoes and comfortable clothing that will allow freedom of movement. No dance experience is necessary. There is no fee for a caregiver or attendant.

$20 on a drop in basis 
$180 for a 12 week session 
The nature of the class is such that we will accept students at any time unless we have reached our student limit. We keep classes small so your dance experience is the best it can be. 
Demonstrating their waltz as part of our April 2021Student Showcase.

Ready to dance with us?